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Our posters may not look like typical safety posters, but that is our goal!

Our posters focus on inspirational people and quotes to motivate the reader to learn more. Readers will be drawn to the poster and will naturally stumble across the safety-related habit of the month. This is called incidental learning: learning that is unplanned or unintended.

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Your daily dose of motivation with a dash of safety...

By providing a safety habit of the month like 'Move your eyes first before you move your hands feet body or car' or 'Glance up before standing up,' our posters give workers something specific to work on rather than just telling them to 'Think safety!' or that 'Safety is no joke!'

Our posters captivate employees with motivational quotes while keeping safety top of mind with the safety habit of the month.

Through our unique voting process, safety managers can track employee engagement and test employee retention of the safety habit of the month.

With our subscription, you will receive 48 posters shipped directly to your facility every year, keeping safety messages fresh and top of mind.

What's included in each subscription?

  • Four 12.5" x 22" posters for common areas
  • Eight 11" x 17" bathroom sized posters
  • Online voting accessible by scanning QR code on poster
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